Mobile App Based Education

Mobile App Based Education mobile app is educational platform provides quality education through mobile in 2D and 3d formats with best visual videos and teacher-based training in LIVE classes and recorded format for the students All academic subjects in 2D and 3D format as well as teacher-based training for CBSE and State Board syllabus.As Academics play a very prominent role in student’s future so that concentrates on all subjects like Telugu, Hindi, English, Social, Mathematics and Science in two ways… provide the following courses from 6th to 12th Students...

  •  2D & 3D Content (NCERT GUIDELINES)
  •  Teacher Based Classes (For All Subjects)
  •  Communication Skills
  •  French International Language
  •  Vedic Mathematics
  •  IIT Foundation
  •  IIT – JEE and NEET
  •  All Competitive Exams